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When it comes to our business, we are constantly looking for a better way. Everyone understands it is important to prevent injury and improve performance.

In order to identify a potential non-contact injury, you first need an objective functional movement evaluation. If you only have 100 athletes in your organization, it would take a lot of time and money to do it; not to mention that some of the results could vary due to the examiner’s technique making it difficult to re-evaluate with equal standards.

iPrehab’s pioneering technology allows your organization to empower passionate athletes to prevent injury and improve performance, providing an objective, data-based musculoskeletal analysis, by analyzing body movement patterns, scoring muscle performance (mobility, stability, strength, technique and performance). iPrehab’s machine learning technology has been scientifically validated and is routinely used by top US academic institutions, and serves professional and collegiate sports organizations, US Military, healthcare providers, and fitness clubs

Set-up to insights in minutes –

  • Set up iPrehab in your facility or Gym
  • Customize the tests and evaluation to serve the wants and needs or your customers
  • Capture musculoskeletal (MSK) data in real-time
  • Get instant information, insights and scores
  • Generate individual and team reports
  • Train the athletes based on their personalized workout programs
  • Create team workouts for athletes with similar needs
  • Allow the app to guide your training at home

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