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Welcome to iPrehab, provider of Physimax technology, the world's best movement evaluation solution created to help your company prevent injury and improve wellness at your level! Through a digital assessment, iPrehab helps identify potential low back, upper and lower extremity injuries, before they occur. Why wait to endure the pain of rehab, when you can enjoy “Prehab”. Preventing injuries reduces your workman’s compensation costs and significantly increases overall wellness in the workplace. iPrehab is also a great tool for screening and qualifying new hires.

  • 67% report increased productivity

  • 63% report increased financial sustainability and growth

  • 50% decreased absenteeism

  • 77% of employees are interested in improving wellness for themselves and their family

  • Reduce non-contact workman’s comp preventable injuries


What is the cost?

For approximately $150 per user per year, we’ll provide your company with a complete user customized health and wellness program for your employees. Volume discounts and custom quotes are available.

How long does it take to assess an employee (the user)?

Each functional assessment requires approximately 15 minutes. The results are available immediately. If used for prospective employee screening, your firm can establish minimum performance qualifications on the various movement tests. That will allow you to make an informed decision about a prospective employee’s ability to perform the physical requirements of the job. Making an informed hiring decision will will help prevent unnecessary lost-work-time injuries and costs.

How many evaluations can I do per hour/day?

A single lab can evaluate 4-5 people per hour; approximately 30 in an 8 hour day. Multiple labs are available for larger accounts. On average, 3 labs are necessary to evaluate 100 users per day.

Who can operate the Lab?

After a 90 minute training session, anyone with basic computer skills, can operate a Lab. Thanks to our AI, there are no licensure requirements.

The Intelligent software allows the operator to smoothly run through the evaluation. As each portion is completed, the system automatically advances to the next.

How would this interact with our organizations software systems?

The iPrehab solution does not require additional technology support or integration. Your lab comes complete with a laptop with the software preloaded. All you need to do is connect to power and the internet through a WiFi connection.

How will my user’s information be protected?

Each user will be provided with their own credentials. Only credentialed administrators operators have the ability to review the information.

How long of a commitment does our organization need to make?

Agreements are for one year. Renewing will be an easy decision.

Do I need a lab to do an evaluation?

Yes, an iPrehab Lab is required, and one is provided Complimentary for each 200 users enrolled in the iPrehab solution.

What is included in a Lab?

A lab includes: a laptop with preloaded software, a 3D video camera with tripod, a mat and jump box, required cables, and carrying cases ($5,000 value). The area where the Lab is placed should be at least 13ft. x 7ft. (per lab), have fairly bright lighting, an electrical outlet and WIFI connectivity.