What is the cost?

For approximately $150 per user per year, we provide organizations with a complete user customized health and wellness program.

How long does it take to assess a user?

Each functional assessment requires approximately 15 minutes. The area where the Lab is places should be at least 13ft. x 7ft., have fairly bright lighting, available power and WIFI connectivity.

How would this interact with our organization's computer systems?

The iPrehab solution does not require additional technology support or integration. Your lab will come with a laptop that has the software preloaded. All you need to do is connect to the internet through a WiFi connection.

How will user's information be protected?

Each user will be provided with their own credentials. Only credentialed operators with have the ability to review the information.

How long of a commitment does the organization need to make?

Agreements are for one year. Renewals are the discretion of the customer.

Do I need a lab to do an evaluation?

Yes, a Lab is required, and one is provided Complimentary for each 100 users enrolled in the iPrehab solution.

What is included in a Lab?

A lab includes: a laptop with software preloaded, a 3D video camera with tripod, a mat and jump box, requisite cables, and carrying cases ($5,000 value).