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iPrehab Entry Level Program

iPrehab Entry Level Program

1 AI based 3D Video Lab, 100 functional assessments who can be assessed up to 5 times in the first year, custom workout plans for each student available on an app, and class management from anywhere.



  • 1 Lab
  • Instructor Management Software
  • Muscle Function Assessment
  • Personalized Training to Address Weaknesses
  • Training Support Software
  • AI Training Software
  • Unique Training Regiment Per Student 
  • Functional Assessments: 100 Students
  • Laptop and 3D Camera
  • Jump Box with Landing Pad
  • Lab Carrying Cases for Portability 
  • Mobile Access to Training Software
  • Student Performance Dashboard 
  • Administrative Customization
  • Administrative Dashboard 
  • Referral Program Eligibility
  • Auto - Expiration
$20,000.00 Regular Price
$17,000.00Sale Price
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